Just Add Sparkle

Whether you are a burlesque dancer or not, life should never be boring—neither should your wardrobe. Whether you wear business suits or just casual slacks and sweaters, a little sparkle can go a long way in making you feel more alive and more beautiful.

Who  says we need a lover or a romantic partner to add a little spring to our step. Just add sparkle. Bling! Do it, and start creating your own signature style. My favorite example of someone very distinguished adding her own pizazz is former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her famous pins.

New York City has a lot of stores that can help you create your own style, even on the tightest of budgets. My favorite store in New York is Earrings Plaza, located in the garment district, at 1263 Broadway, between 31st and 32nd streets. It’s a terrific little store with loads of costume jewelry. The prices are great, and there’s something for every style and color scheme. Why not add a pin or brooch to a business jacket or sweater? Another wonderful New York garment-district store is M&J Trimming, located at 1008 Sixth Avenue, between 37th and 38th streets. This fashion staple has been serving New Yorkers for over thirty years.

You don’t have to sew. Buy some new rhinestone buttons to jazz up an old black sweater or jacket. Buy some pink buttons for an old blue cardigan. Have your local cleaner sew them on. I love my glue gun. I have added sparkle to an old bra and worn it under a sexy camisole.

Adding a little creativity to her wardrobe is the first thing a burlesque dancer does in her morning routine. Putting clothes on should be just as much fun as taking them off!

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